15 National Italian Recipes

If you want to break out of your cooking pattern, you can try the traditional Italian dishes. Italian cuisine is famous worldwide, and most of these recipes aren’t hard to prepare. We have 15 recipes to choose from, so, select your favorite and enjoy a tasty meal.

15. Rigatoni with Sunday night Ragu

Andrew Carmellini is famous for his Italian cuisine, and he has also written American Flavor, his second cookbook. One of the meals you can try is Rigatoni with Sunday night Ragu, and as the name suggests, it is perfect for Sunday Night.

Rigatoni with Sunday night Ragu

source:foodrepublic.com                                                          Rigatoni with Sunday night Ragu

14. Mario Batali’s Italian Meatloaf

Mario Batali’s homemade Italian polpettona ripiena is a much better version of the meatloaf covered with ketchup. You can mix the ground beef with sweet or spicy Italian sausage and add all kinds of vegetables.

Mario Batali’s Italian Meatloaf

source:foodrepublic.com                                                       Mario Batali’s Italian Meatloaf

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