7 Things That You Should Not Put into the Blender

If you have an average power blender, you should not use it for some of these ingredients. Although the powerful motor and blender knives can blend a lot, there are several things that you should not put into this device. Take a look at the seven things you cannot put into the blender:

1. Too hot liquid

Even though the blender is said to be the most practical thing when pureeing ingredients for soup, if the soup is too hot, the insertion of such hot liquid into a blender can be very dangerous. Putting in very hot liquids and then turning the blender on, steam and pressure are generated inside the apparatus, which can lead to the lid popping up and the hot soup will explode across the whole room.


Instead, allow the soup to cool down at least five minutes before putting it into the blender. Fill the liquid up to half of the blender and hold the cover firmly wrapped in a towel to prevent accidents.

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