Food Trends in 2018

Every year is different and new meals keep getting made. Some of them are weird and funny, whereas the other stick around with us and become a part of the global cuisine. Thanks to the internet we can learn about foods from all parts of the world and make them in our own kitchen. Let’s check out what some of the meals are and which will be common in the upcoming months.

Gut-friendly food

We are becoming more aware of the food we eat on a daily basis and how it makes us feel, records BBC Good Food. This is a good thing because our diets are going to become healthier and people will not just overeat all the time. Moreover we pay attention to when we eat and thus, late-night eating is slowly becoming thing of the past. Mindful eating will be a heavily-used term this year and in the years to come and some of the gut-unfriendly foods include yogurt, kefir, cultured soy milk, kvass and their usage will be reduced.

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