Hollywood Cocktails – Ladies Do it For You

Leading a healthy life doesn’t mean that you have to forget about the good stuff. Every now and then, you should allow yourself eat something sweet or drink a beverage that would relax you. We lead stressful lives and sometimes we need to blow off steam. The best way to do it is go clubbing, but what if you don’t want to sleep through the entire day after that. Perhaps you can invite some friends over and prepare drinks at home.

If you want a refreshing drink after which you will not get a hangover or put up a few pounds follow these Hollywood ladies who are making cocktails only for you.

Hilary Duff – Habanero margarita

Hilary Duff

source:refinery29.com                                                                                 Hilary Duff

Making this cocktail is not complicated. Use tequila, lime juice, two slices of cucumber and just a bit of hot pepper. Put all of that into the shaker, add ice and shake it. Serve the cocktail into the whiskey glass and decorate with a cucumber.

Habanero Margarita

source:inmexico.com                                                                                                 Habanero Margarita

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