How to Make the Rubber Candy on Your Own

Dear mums, here’s a recipe that will entertain you in your kitchen! Bring the kids together and make their favourite domestic rubber candy! The best thing is that you can include them in the whole process, because it’s super easy. The ingredients made from these candies will be more than familiar to you, so you won’t need to worry about what your children bring into their bodies eating this candy.

No preservatives, additives and other harmful substances.

* The recipe is intended for a smaller amount of rubber candy. So, for your needs, double or even triple the amount of ingredients.

Necessary ingredients:

– 1 pack of gelatin (9, 10g) per 250ml water,
– Essence of taste as desired,
– Edible color for food as desired,
– Corn starch or powdered sugar.




Step 1:

Pour half a liter of water into the bowl and add two bags of gelatin. Stir until the gelatin melts. Add a few drops of essence to taste and a few drops of plant food for food. Leave half an hour to cool down.

How to Make the Rubber Candy on Your Own                                    How to Make the Rubber Candy on Your Own 

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