Putin’s Diet

Whenever there is a word of some strong personality, each and every one of us contemplate on what makes that man/woman tick. What exactly drives them forward, what gives them their good luck, and what makes them strong, while doing what their do best? During that contemplation we forget the main thing that allows them to do what they do, and it is their eating habits. No one really thinks about this, which is why we decided to tell you about eating habits of one of the most successful world leaders – Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

You already know that the life of this man is shrouded by mystery and not much info is available, but here and there we get some pieces of the Putin puzzle, sometime from the Russian media and, very rarely, from the man himself. Here is what we have gathered so far!

Everything must be poison proof!

Being a world leader of one of the greatest nations carries more than a few risks. Some of them are dealt logistically while other physically but there are those that include something called a food tester. Every great leader who was insecure about their own safety employed somebody to taste or test the food before they eat, in order to ensure their safeguard against assassination. Hitler did it, Roman emperors did it, and as much as we know it, even a president or two have done it. Now that Putin has insured that the food is OK, let see what he actually eats.



Putin begins his day quite leisurely, and his getting up is so late that the breakfast is served in noon. As far as breakfast menu we found out that it is usually a large omelette or a bowl of porridge, with quail eggs and a glass of fruit juice on the side.


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