Putin’s Diet

Putin is also lavish

The lavish side of Putin can be shown through the formal occasions he attended and the menus he enjoyed. During a lunch at Podvorye, a restaurant in St. Petersburg, he ate fish soup, followed by cold cuts, smoked sturgeon with lemon and butter, then a range of desserts after.




At a dinner with George W. bush in 2008, these two dined on venison filet with marinated mushrooms, veal tenderloin with baked potato, salmon and crab coulibiac and, finally, berry pie with ice cream. Last but not least was a dinner meeting between Putin and Dubya in 2006, where they dined a salad of tomatoes (with 50-year-old balsamic vinegar!), crawfish with gooseberry marmalade, oladi with caviar, whitefish, steak and strawberry ice cream.


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