10 Kitchen Hacks That Are Going to Remove Food Smells on Your Hands

The smell of food can be something beautiful. You are making food – it smells great. You are eating the food – it smells even better. You have it all. The taste is great and you are enjoying your meal. One place where you don’t want to smell your food? Well, that would be on your hands. We all know that this can be a problem sometimes, so we are going to present you 10 different kitchen hacks that can help you remove the food smells from your hands.

10. Lemon Juice

It’s great for neutralizing odors from the pungent foods. It is best against the smell of a fish. Amines that cause fishy odor have no chance against Citric acids and they are turned into ammonium salts. Try washing your hands with lemon juice and you will see the difference.


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