Spanish Cuisine – You Need to Try These Dishes

When we are looking for a restaurant to visit or to go for takeout, rarely would we find the Spanish courses. Although Spanish cuisine is far more similar to Serbian than Chinese, it is rarely discussed here. Mexican food is popular, but we need to consider that these are completely different. Since Spain is one of the most popular countries for tourists, we will explore their dishes and see what is characteristic about it.

Basic information

The first thing we would like to mention is that Spanish cuisine is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean and some of the ingredients are characteristic for this country. The commonly used ingredients include fresh vegetables, tomatoes, olive, olive oil, rice, smoked meat, different types of sausage, pork, fish, ham, wine, seafood and so much more. All of these ingredients can be combined for delicious meals either as breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, one of the most famous snacks in Spain is Tapas, so let’s see what it is.

1. Tapas – The Spanish Snack

Tapas is not one particular meal. It is something Spaniards eat between lunch and dinner to keep them full during the day. Tapas would then be a type of snack, and you can use all types of ingredients. There are plenty of variations of Tapas, but the snack is characterized by small bites. Moreover, you cannot eat tapas without a glass of wine!

There are several legends about who made the first Tapas. According to one, King Alfonso V came up with the idea when he could only take small bites due to illness. However, we believe that it is born as the desire of people to snack something before dinner and to make tapas, you need to be creative. The most common ingredients for this snack are smoked meat, cheese, walnuts, all kinds of olives, pepper, chorizo sausages, onions, different salads, etc. Now, let’s take a look at most famous Spanish dishes.

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