With Peanut Butter, These Treats Become Perfect

I believe that there isn’t a soul on earth that doesn’t know about peanut butter. I bet that, even though you might not like it, you tried at least one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What most of you PB lovers don’t know, though, is that the use of peanuts dates to the Aztecs and Incas. Believe it or not, the peanut paste may have been used by the Aztecs as a toothache remedy in the first century of the Common Era (CE). Peanut butter was patented by Marcellus Gilmore Edson (1849 – 1940) of Montreal, Canada as “a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment”.
PB, thanks to its fame has its own National Peanut Butter Day which is on January 24th in the US. But let’s not make a huge detour of the topic we have here today. Today you will learn about a few tasty little treats that are even better when you add PB to them. Enjoy!

Peanutty Cap’n Crunch Candy Bars

If you are one of those who like the sweet and salty combo that look no further. This cool looking and tasting snack is excellent on so many levels, and it’s salty, sweet, and crunchy combo will make you jump back to your childhood.

source: countryliving.com

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