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P.Diddy’s Workouts and Diet Plans Revealed!


We bet you have heard of P. Diddy, a famous 41-year-old rapper, actor and men’s fashion designer. There is no doubt that he is great at what he does. Since he is a designer, he likes to be in shape and actually try out the things that he designs. He has a great body as he likes to take care of it.

Here Is How Rihanna Diets When She’s on the Road!


When you are a mainstream star, and one of the biggest ones that there are, you need to be fit all the time. You just need to look good and to feel good in the clothes that you wear. That is why wherever Rihanna goes, she has her personal chef with her in order to eat the right way. But, Debbie Solomon, the person who cooks all the meals for Rihanna has said that she is a moody eater.

Kim Kardashian’s Diet


Are you wondering how Kim Kardashian manages to look the way she does? First of all, she works out six days a week, and second of all, she sticks to a certain diet program – a version of the keto diet. One thing’s for sure – she is in better shape than ever, and all thanks to a witness regime and her bodybuilder Melissa Alcantra.

Fun Facts About Jay Z and Beyonce’s Vegan Challenge!


Sometimes people who are vegan can be quite annoying. They are always shaming people who don’t think and do things their way. But, their idea is good and everybody respects them for what they are doing. It’s just that some of them can’t understand that this vegan thing is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Taylor Swift’s Diet – Try Her Favorite Foods!

When we talk about Taylor Swift, we know that she is a great artist and somebody who is highly successful in what she does. We also know that she likes her cats, great Instagram photos, her squad and the food. Even though she is pretty busy, recording new songs, going on tours and filming her music videos, we can see that she is quite a good cook. She is always in great shape as well, which just goes to show you that she eats quality food.

What Does Oprah’s 7-Day Food Diary Look Like?


Oprah’s food diary gives us an insight into Oprah’s eating habits, and the first thing we noticed is that her diet is healthy, but she doesn’t stick to a few meals only. Her daily intake of calories is around 1,700 and 20 percent account for protein, 30 percent for fat and 50 percent for carbs.

Follow This Diet in Order to Look like Cristiano Ronaldo!


Whether you like him or not, you have to appreciate the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not only one of the best football players of all time, but he is one of the best sportsmen that we have today. An amazing all-around athlete, no questions about it. You might remember him from his days in Manchester United, or you are one of his newer followers from his time with Real Madrid. But, when you think of him, you think about someone that has always been fit, ripped and good looking.

Adele Diet Thanks to Which She Lost 30 LBS

We all love Adele and her heavenly voice. She said at one occasion that she would never lose weight just because someone criticized her and she pointed out that she was a musician and not a model on the cover of Playboy. Nevertheless, Adele has decided to lose some weight since she had first appeared on the world stage in 2008.

How to Have Abs like Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence loves junk food, but despite that, she has a fantastic physique. Some of her favorite foods include pizza and fries, but she has managed to fight her urges and stay fit. However, Lawrence didn’t do it by herself, and she has Dalton Wong, her former trainer to thank. The two met in 2010 when Lawrence prepared for a role of Mystique in X Men: First Class.

This Is How Justin Bieber Works out to Stay in Great Shape!


Ever since he burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, he has been a magnet for the ladies, especially the young ones. He has that cute face that girls in the elementary school like, but his body is also pretty fit. Just like all the celebrities, he needs to watch what he eats and he needs to get to the gym in order to keep his look.