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Adele Diet Thanks to Which She Lost 30 LBS

We all love Adele and her heavenly voice. She said at one occasion that she would never lose weight just because someone criticized her and she pointed out that she was a musician and not a model on the cover of Playboy. Nevertheless, Adele has decided to lose some weight since she had first appeared on the world stage in 2008.

How to Have Abs like Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence loves junk food, but despite that, she has a fantastic physique. Some of her favorite foods include pizza and fries, but she has managed to fight her urges and stay fit. However, Lawrence didn’t do it by herself, and she has Dalton Wong, her former trainer to thank. The two met in 2010 when Lawrence prepared for a role of Mystique in X Men: First Class.

This Is How Justin Bieber Works out to Stay in Great Shape!


Ever since he burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, he has been a magnet for the ladies, especially the young ones. He has that cute face that girls in the elementary school like, but his body is also pretty fit. Just like all the celebrities, he needs to watch what he eats and he needs to get to the gym in order to keep his look.

Queen Elizabeth II Doesn’t Eat This Food


Have you ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth II eats? With the Royal Wedding behind us, it is time to look for the eating habits of English Queen. Queen Elizabeth II has a special menu, according to Royal chef Darren McGrady. Her healthy diet is something you might follow if you are eating too many carbs. If McGrady is to be believed, the queen had to be careful at the wedding. Or she just had a special menu. Here are some of the dishes the Queen never eats.

Best Ways to Eat a Pomegranate


Even though lots of people choose pomegranate to be their favorite fruit, because of its delicious taste, they cannot as easily boast it when it comes to the difficulty of eating it. Take a look at some of the best ways to eta pomegranate seeds.

6 Pregnancy-Friendly Meals for the Summer


If you are waiting for this summer to come while also being pregnant, we are going to guess that you don’t really want to use your oven too often as it’s going to be pretty hot in your kitchen. That is why we are going to talk about the pregnancy-friendly recipes that you can make for yourself while waiting for that baby to come this summer.

Make Yourself a Super Funny Animal-Shaped Breakfast


Prepare an unusual, unordinary breakfast and make yourself a morning to remember.

Model Health Inquiry


Have you ever wondered about some of the models being way too skinny? The fact of the matter is that some of them really don’t look healthy. Human’s body is not supposed to look that way. That is why some people are calling for the models to prove that they are not suffering from some kind of eating disorder before they hop on the catwalk.

6 Dishes From South Africa That You Need To Try


We bet you didn’t even know that South Africa is known for some amazing and interesting dishes. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best recipes that come from this country. They are something different than dishes that you are used to.

41 Most Interesting Cakes Ever


No matter what the occasion is, we all enjoy one or two pieces of some delicious cake once in a while, right? When you’re the one making it, it’s better when you experiment a little bit and have some fun trying out new, perhaps even peculiar shapes and designs, don’t you think? Here are some of the most interesting ideas you have ever seen: